What’s in your lucky box?

6th August 2020

My Dad was one of those people who kept all manner of little bits and bobs purely for sentimental value. I’ve got really fond memories of him getting out what he called his ‘lucky box’ and the two of us going through it together.

As a little girl I always thought that box was like a little box of treasure.  He’d got an array of Boys Badges and medals for gymnastics & Scottish country dancing medals. There were sepia photos of his Grandmother and even the bus ticket from his first date with my Mum! What an old romantic he was!! None of that was really of any interest to me back then, the only thing I ever wanted to look at was the glass eye! Yep, an honest to god real glass eye!! Not that he ever needed one! It was a lucky find, unclaimed in the lost property at the airport where he worked.  

Maybe that’s why I have that urge to keep all manner of bits and bobs in my own ‘lucky box.’ I have to admit I don’t have a glass eye, but I do have a dogs tooth and a little wooden tiger that I’d originally given Dad, which came to me after he died. 

I’ve been talking to a number of clients just recently about the idea of a lucky or emergency box. A box of bits and pieces that can be pulled out when you need a lift or a little boost. What goes in it will be unique to you, but the idea is to have a bunch of things that you know always make you feel better. That might include your favourite play list. Pictures from your favourite place in the world or pictures of your kids. It might even include a glass eye!! 

What’s also helpful is to include a list of things that you really like doing i.e. walking, cooking, running etc. You might also include the names and numbers of people that you enjoy talking to; who you know are always there for you.  

Whatever’s in there it doesn’t matter. What matters more is that you have a bunch of things for those down days. Things that help you remember happier times, and which remind you of the things that always boost your mood and energy levels. 

Why not give it a go? 

If you’d like a copy of my “Lucky box” handout which gives you loads of inspiration for stuff to put in there, just drop me a message!