What we’re experiencing right now is stress

27th April 2020

It’s my belief that a lot of what we’re all experiencing right now is linked to feelings of loss, fear and anxiety about this whole pandemic thing. In this great article, Kessler describes how a lot of what we might be feeling is linked to loss.


We’re feeling the loss of safety and security, the loss of morality and some of our basic freedoms, and we’re all feeling the loss of connection with friends and loved ones. 

When we’re scared and anxious it’s our stress response that’s triggered. We’re perceiving danger and we’re unconsciously reacting to that threat.

The purpose of the stress response is our survival. It’s the body preparing to either confront the threat or to get as far away as possible from it. The body is basically rallying all its resources and capabilities to optimise our chances of dealing with the perceived threat.

It’s designed as a short-term response, not a state that we want to be in for any length of time. The stress response is a whole-body response – here’s some examples of what you might be noticing right now.

So what?

First and foremost, I think it’s helpful to be able to see that what you’re experiencing is normal. You’re not going mad or losing it and there’s nothing “wrong” with you if you’re noticing some of this. Your body is reacting to a potential threat and it’s trying to keep you safe.

Secondly, treating yourself with some compassion and finding some ways to be kind and considerate to yourself, might just help to bring the anxiety levels down. Doing something that you love, whether that’s running, drawing or reading is not only a distraction it brings your thinking brain back on line, which can help us to feel less scared, anxious or worried.

Your challenge for this week? To find 5 minutes a day to do something that you love doing? 

Aw, come on you could manage that couldn’t you?