We’re all doomed!!!

4th August 2019

August can be a tough time if you run your own business. In the 20 Augusts I’ve had, without exception they’re always a quiet time. I think people are either on holiday or covering for other people; which probably means they’re feeling a bit swamped. So it makes perfect sense that training or coaching isn’t top of the priority list!

The weird thing is every August, I feel a spike of worry and anxiety as things quieten down. Despite 20 years of experience to the contrary of still find myself wondering if the phone will ever ring again! JI was having this very conversation with another small business owner, just the other week.

So here’s what I do to quell the voice of the inner critic, who’s telling me “we’re all doomed”….in the voice of Private Frazer of Dads Army fame;

  • I focus on doing what I do. I keep up with my networking and connections
  • I take time to get out; meet people and generally see what’s happening in the local business community
  • I take the time to do more planning; what am I planning to do come September
  • Look at how I can do to get ready for the flurry of work that WILL come in September
  • I work (and yes it is hard at times) to find small ways to enjoy the extra time that I’ve got for now…because in a couple of months, I’ll be wishing I’d enjoyed the time more!

So for any small business owners out there, who’re feeling the stress of a quiet patch. Hold firm, find small ways to revel in the space that you’ve got and above all ‘keep carrying on’…..things can only get better!!!