Thinking really IS your super-power

20th January 2020

Oh, no, not another post about the power of thinking!

Oh yes!!!

I know the topic of our thinking is the topic of lots of posts and memes, that do the rounds. But no wonder. It’s a topic I talk about umpteen times a day, and still I find it a challenge to really acknowledge the power of my thinking.

Our thinking, really is a SUPER-POWER. We can literally change our physiology and how we feel with the power of thought! Never mind Uri Geller and bending spoons, that’s nothing compared to the ability that our thinking has to rewire and change what’s happening in our brains. 

This short video gives a great description of some of the most common, unhelpful and faulty thinking patterns. It’s worth a listen, and as you do make a list of those that are your own go to thoughts when disaster strikes in some way!

Knowing the ones that you default to in a crisis is the starting point for changing things around – and actually catching your thoughts is the first challenge.

So next time something tough crops up, or you start to feel wound up see if you can notice what you’re telling yourself. 

Nothing more, just that. 

Notice and keep a note of the things that you’re telling yourself in that moment. you’ll be amazed at how harsh, critical and downright unhelpful they actually are.

That in itself might give you sufficient of an incentive to make some fundamental changes to your thinking – if no, watch out for next weeks blog. I’ll talk about some ideas for rewiring and nurturing some more helpful super powers!!