That holiday perspective!

20th August 2019

Holidays are a great time to get a change of perspective. I always take a notebook and, if I’m feeling like it , I take some time to reflect on what’s going on. It doesn’t feel like a pressure to focus on work; it’s more that once the batteries are recharged I start to feel that I want to reflect and spend some time making some loose plans.

Here’s the type of things that I find it helpful (and fun) to ponder over, with a coffee or a cocktail, in a gorgeous location;

  • What’s going well? What am I loving about work right now?
  • What can I give myself a pat on the back for?
  • What do I want to have done by our holiday next year?
  • Where would be a good place to start when I get back?

As an absolute advocate of good self care, I’m not suggesting for a minute that we should be working while on holiday. What I am saying is that, once you’ve taken the time to recharge and chill, perhaps there is a little space to have a think about what next….what you’d like for the coming year and what you’d like to be doing differently, when the holidays come around next year!

It’s not about putting any pressure on yourself. It’s about taking some time FOR yourself to think about what you want; where you’d like to be and what those first few steps might entail. Being away from home, with a chance to completely switch off, will I guarantee give you a fresh perspective on things. And, maybe over a coffee or a cocktail you can capture your flashes of inspiration, so you have them handy when you get back!