You might have landed on this page for a whole host of reasons, and maybe you’re experiencing some of the following;

  • A lack of confidence in yourself and your ability
  • Overwhelmed with work and / or life pressures, to the extent that you have lost the ability to see the ‘wood from the trees’
  • A sense of ‘stuckness’ with something in your life, which feels tough to change and which might be causing you anxiety and even depression

I’m here to listen to you and to challenge without criticizing, support without patronizing and above all to listen without judgment. You will have the freedom to share your thoughts and feelings, without guilt or shame, so that you can gain an even greater awareness of what is really holding you back.

With clarity on what is holding you back we can work together to help you build the confidence and resilience needed for you to take action and find new, more effective ways to live the life that you want.

Personal Coaching

  • One hour, initial discovery meeting to establish a focus for your coaching and to agree goals, outcomes and measures of success.
  • Six, 60 minute sessions over a 3-4 month period ideally. We can agree a schedule to suit your needs and diary commitments.
  • A final one hour session where we create your ‘what next’ plan so that you have clarity on how you will keep up the momentum, and most importantly how you can build on the progress that you have already made.