Relaxed atmosphere, therapeutic. Whilst I embraced the opportunity, I was a little apprehensive, this was soon alleviated following introductions. Stimulated thought process to induce own conclusions; providing coping and behavioural mechanisms and techniques to influence others. Cliché, but the journey was the most useful! Time to think and challenge. Someone to listen and dare I say it...not feel “silly

I gained clarity on next steps and options, and was able to come up with my own solutions.Working with Gill through constructive probing discussions helped me see issues from different perspectives; this has already contributed to greater confidence and assertiveness at work.

I felt so comfortable to open up to get the most out of the sessions and came away with a toolbox to help me in my role, which increased my confidence. I felt comfortable, I put my trust in you and felt I could totally be honest and knew what I said was in confidence. A massive thank you.

Gill’s style made me feel very comfortable to have the important conversations that I don’t normally have. She challenged me and made me think about issues in a different light. I’m regularly reflecting on the important things we discussed to keep myself “in check.”

We all have those times in our life when things get on top of us. We feel overwhelmed and maybe unable to cope. We can feel stuck, trapped and that there’s no way forward.

My intention is to provide you with that safe, supportive space and much needed time to help you get a fresh perspective on what is troubling, and to help you to find new ways of dealing with whatever it is that life’s throwing at you right now.

What is it for?

Coaching can help with;

  • A lack of confidence in yourself and your ability
  • Feelings of overwhelm with work and / or life pressures, to the extent that you have lost the ability to see the ‘wood from the trees’
  • A sense of ‘stuckness’ with something in your life, which feels tough to change and which might be causing you anxiety and even depression.

I’m here to work with you and to challenge without criticizing, support without patronizing and above all to listen without judgment. You will have the freedom to share your thoughts and feelings, without guilt or shame, so that you can gain an even greater awareness of what is really holding you back.

How long does it take?

Each session is an hour, whether we’re working face to face or online. In our first session we will explore what has brought you to coaching and we can agree what it is that you would like to gain from our time together. I suggest that all clients attend a minimum of six sessions initially, and we can review progress to agree whether you want further support.

Coaching isn’t about ‘advice giving’, it’s an opportunity for me to help you see things from a different angle; it’s a chance for you to deepen your awareness of yourself and most importantly it can be a springboard through which you can learn new skills and build your sense of confidence and self-reliance.

Where do I work?

My practice is based in Baildon, Shipley where I have a private therapy room at my home and I’m easily accessible via train or bus.

I also work nationally and international online or via telephone, for those people who can’t visit face to face.

What’s the first step?

Get in touch via phone or email and we can arrange an initial, free 15 minute consultation to discuss what you want to focus on. You can contact me via the link below or email me at

I aim to reply to all enquiries within 48 hours.