over 50, but not over the hill!

20th November 2018

Age is a funny thing isn’t it? My Mum always told us as kids, that ‘it’s rude to ask someone’s age’ and so in some way getting older somehow felt sort of shameful or something to be embarrassed about. My dear Mum, never did tell us as kids! How strange eh?

As a woman of a ‘certain age’ now, well over 50 to be clear, I’m not at all ashamed or embarrassed by my age. I feel very grateful to be here when so many people that I know didn’t get that opportunity. It does however feel like a time of life where ‘change is in the air’ and learning to accept things that I can’t control wasn’t something that I was prepared for.

There’s so much to come to terms with at this time of our life.  We can be dealing with loss in lots of different ways.

If you’ve been a home maker, you might be dealing with the turmoil of feelings stirred up when your children leave home and strike out on their own. That can leave us feeling a loss of identity or usefulness. We’re mourning a loss of our children and a role that we loved.

If you’ve built a career and are now thinking about retirement or what next, that can be a daunting prospect. We can get a huge sense of meaning and purpose form our job and again we can feel a sense of loss at the prospect of this coming to an end.

Or maybe, at an existential level we are learning to accept our own health issues and the realisation that our bodies are changing and aren’t what they were. We’re noticing the advance of time and the sense that our time here is limited.

That’s quite a lot isn’t it?

The Chinese symbol for crisis, includes symbols for both danger and opportunity; which for me reflects the two ways that we can approach this stage of our life. It is definitely can be a time of crisis and change, and loss will be in the air. It can also be a time of exciting possibilities and opportunities for positive change. It can be a time to reimagine what you want and what you want to achieve. It might be an opportunity to really focus on YOU, what you want and the life that you want to live.

If any of this resonates for you, and you would like to work with me on a one, please get in touch. I can be with you to support without patronizing and above all to listen without judgment. You will have the freedom to share your thoughts and feelings, without guilt or shame, so that you can gain an even greater awareness of what is really holding you back.

With clarity on what is holding you back I can help you to build the confidence and resilience you need to take action and find new, more effective ways to live the life that you want.

Love and light!