In the work that I do, relationship and connection is really important. Whether you work in the corporate sector and you’re looking for a partner to help you build leadership capability or someone looking for personal coaching, the chemistry and fit needs to feel right.

So here’s a bit about me and my story.

I’ve always had an interest in people; their stories and what makes them tick. I guess that’s why I chose a degree that enabled me to focus on ‘developmental psychology’ in my final year.

Like most people I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life or career; and after a foray into medical sales and financial services I ‘fell’ into a role in training and development. It was like coming home – I’d found my niche and the thing that I loved!

Stepping out of a corporate role.

Working in a range of corporate roles for 15 years gave me the experience and impetus to set up my own business which I finally did in 2000. This enabled me to do more of what I loved and over the years I’ve enjoyed working with a range of great organizations and amazing individuals. Helping them to find new ways of thinking and approaching situations in order to get better results either personally or commercially and create change that sticks!

I’ve worked across a range of business sectors both within the UK and internationally. I have developed extensive expertise in the design and delivery of leadership programs and my clients tell me I am professional, innovative and results focused.

More by luck than design

As my business developed, I was being asked more and more to work with people on a one to one. I didn’t set out to be a coach, but the universe seemed to be sending me signs that were hard to ignore. So I started to build my skills as a qualified coach and coach supervisor, doing all my training with Leeds Beckett University.

I believe that my personal development is essential in the work that I do. If I want to help my clients to learn more about themselves and what is holding them back, surely it’s only fair that I am doing the same? I’m currently half way through my ‘Counselling & Psychotherapy’ PG Diploma, which will bring a whole other realm of resources that I can bring to my client work.

Bolt out of the blue

Around 5 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and following surgery had six months of chemo therapy, followed by radio therapy. My situation was just about as bad as it gets – but the treatment was successful and I’m fast approaching the five year mark as a cancer survivor.

Whilst I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look back and say that I’m grateful for what happened, it has taught me a few important life lessons, which have really enhanced my work as a coach. I think as a result I’m more compassionate with myself (and others probably) and I have a new-found respect and admiration for anyone that has experienced and come through treatment.

It’s given me a perspective that I never would have asked for – but one which has been invaluable none the less!!

What I want to leave behind

Maybe it’s because I never had children, that I feel the need to do something to make a difference in the world. As a coach, and therapist (fingers crossed) I want to provide the sort of help and support that enables people to move forward, and above all makes people feel valued, cared about and looked after.

I’d like to help as many people as possible understand what keeps them stuck and find ways of moving forward and creating positive change in their lives!

Just like some of the issues that my clients bring, this is a big claim to make, and I don’t make it lightly. Just as I would advise my clients – one step at a time. Or as my Granny used to say “slowly, slowly catchie Monkey!”

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this – if any of this resonates with you please feel free to browse my website and get in touch if you’d like to find out more.