In the work that I do, relationship and connection is really important. Whether you’re looking for training, coaching or counselling the chemistry needs to feel right for both of us.

So, here’s a bit about me and my story.

My corporate back ground was in Financial Services and latterly in training & management development within a large HR team. Working in a range of corporate roles for around 15 years gave me the experience and impetus to set up my own business in 2000.

I’ve worked across a range of business sectors in the UK and internationally; and I’ve developed extensive expertise in the design and delivery of leadership training and coaching, which my clients tell me is always professional, innovative and results focused.

As my business developed, I started to work with more people on a one to one basis, and as a result I decided to build my skills as a qualified coach, coach supervisor and counsellor, doing all my training with Leeds Beckett University. I believe that my personal development is essential in the work that I do. If I want to help my clients to learn more about themselves and what is holding them back, surely it’s only fair that I am doing the same?

So, in addition to my corporate work I also offer coaching, counselling and psychotherapy to private clients, who I work with face to face and online.  It’s another massively rewarding part of what I do, and it always feels like such a privilege to witness the dramatic changes that people make as a result of our time together.

Around 5 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and following surgery had six months of chemo therapy, followed by radio therapy. Whilst I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look back and say that I’m grateful for what happened, it has taught me a few important life lessons, which have really enhanced my work as a coach and a counsellor. It’s given me a perspective that I never would have asked for – but one which has been invaluable none the less!!