Hello holiday!

13th August 2019

The school holidays are well under way now! The biggest sign for me, that school holidays are here, is the distinct lack of traffic on the roads for the morning commute. However, there’s a marked increase in ‘traffic’ to my favourite coffee shop/thinking space…so I’ll be staying away while it’s so busy.

I have to admit, running my own business I’ve never felt the pressure to be working while I’m on holiday. I know for many people, whilst their bodies might be on the beach with the kids; their heads are back at work; sifting and replying to emails or dealing with stuff that’s come up in their absence.

Maybe in more senior roles that’s expected? I don’t know…it just seems like a poor role model to be setting for our work colleagues….and actually our children for that matter! Holidays, free time and time with family is a vital ‘putting on our own mask first’ type behaviour. You wouldn’t let your mobile phone drain of charge now would you?

So if you’re reading this from your holiday (lucky you!!), tell us where you are and what one, small thing you’re going to do to be ‘truly present’ on your holiday…and then with the greatest of respect, switch off!!

I’ll be here when you come back if there’s some stuff that you’d like to work through; it can wait. Get in touch when both you and your head are back at your desk!!