Handling the Tough Cookies!

8th October 2018

When I ask people to describe the type of character traits that they find hardest to deal with in others; more often people mention those individuals who get angry; who don’t listen and who aren’t prepared to see another perspective.

Using a DISC profile, we’d describe this as the fiery red of the high Dominance style. The person you work with who always has a strong sense of what they think the right thing to do is and someone who isn’t easily convinced to change their minds.

On the upside this style is one that has a real focus on getting a job done efficiently, with a sense of urgency and an ability to cut through issues and challenges that might come up – a bit like a snow plough! On the down side, well you know what happens if you get caught in the path of a moving snow plough!

So here’s some ideas of how to flex your style in a way that will appeal and get the best from your high Dominance colleagues or friends – three straight forward pointers;

Be Passionate – sound like you mean it and be prepared to be straightforward and forthright. They may not agree with you, but they will respect your candour which will help you gain credibility.

Be brief – get to the point. Don’t pussy foot around an issue, get to the point and be sure to use definite language. Particularly irritating to the high D’s are “trys”, “mights” and “maybe.”

Be gone – with a focus on getting the job done, at times the social niceties feel irrelevant. Say what you have to say as efficiently as you can and when a decision has been reached end the conversation. They get it. They don’t need you to go over anything. They want to make a decision and move on.


This can be a big step change for some of us to make – but I guarantee that if you can give your high D’s more of what suits them, they’ll listen to you and who knows they might even change their opinion!!

Go on I dare you……give it a go!!