Executive Coaching


One of the ways to build leadership capability is Coaching.

People enlist the services of a coach because they want to improve or change some aspect of their work or personal life. They want to learn new ways of thinking and approaching situations in order to get better results.

As a coach I work with people to help them find practical ways to enhance their personal effectiveness and performance.

Coaching can help mangers and leaders to:

  • raise self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • improve their ability to inspire, motivate and influence others
  • develop greater confidence and personal impact
  • enhancing their capacity to manage change and work effectively with others


Studies into the effectiveness of Coaching have concluded that it can deliver an ROI of more than 5 times the initial cost, which makes it a highly effective means of development.

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Gill is supremely professional and has a sound understanding of business dynamics. She delivers exactly what the client wants by careful project management and interviewing key stakeholders her training style is flexible and she has a real credibility with the audience.”

— Group Management Development Manager