Gill was enthusiastic and read the mood of the group well with the right amount of listing and probing as required. She worked hard with us managing to appear a fellow team member rather than just a facilitator. A skill I appreciated and rarely witnessed on other courses I have attended

I found the chance to step back and reflect honestly on my own behaviour and the behaviour of others in the workplace incredibly useful. The coaching sessions allowed me to learn not only about leadership but also myself as a leader

Gill worked for us on both designing and delivering a Management Development Programme for our team leaders. In my view Gill is streets ahead of any other management development consultant I have used before. Gill has wonderful way of being able to challenge teams / delegates without being confrontational I believe she has created a long term enthusiasm and desire within my teams for self development and improved team performance

Gill helped to clarify the challenges I was facing and how to identify the aspects of the tasks that made them challenging. This then made it much more straight forward to deal with the effectively and appropriately. I am really glad I participated in these sessions.

Over the past 4 years we have had almost 40 managers and team leaders pass through Gill's ILM programmes - every one of these has commented on Gill's enthusiasm, subject knowledge and tireless ability to make things 'real'. Gill has also designed and run courses in response to urgent business issues where we were looking for important changes in attitude, business alignment and productivity.

– Head of Learning

The use of professional Role Players was ground breaking inspiring and effective. Through them I was able to coach my own underperformers and overcome real barriers to communication in order to identify and address root causes that resulted in poor performance. As soon as I left the session I immediately put what I learned into practise. The results were astounding. I am truly grateful for the training and development that is being provided.

I have always found Gill to be flexible, organised and efficient in the design and delivery of our training. We receive excellent post course evaluations from our people on the courses they attend. She is proactive in her approach and always delivers on the timescales agreed. I would not hesitate to recommend Gill to work with a company in its delivery of its people development strategy

– Head of HR

Gill is supremely professional and has a sound understanding of business dynamics. She delivers exactly what the client wants by careful project management and interviewing key stakeholders her training style is flexible and she has a real credibility with the audience

– Group Management Development Manager

Gill brought a fresh approach to design of her training and was able to pick up vague ideas and transform them into real solutions. Gill was easy to work with and able to gear her delivery to the specific needs of our managers

– Head of HR

From our first meeting Gill made me really think about what I wanted and helped me put structure and focus around my varied and busy workloads. Gill is really easy to talk to and helped me recognise some subconscious uncertainties which I didn’t even realise existed. Gill has helped me recognise my strengths and helped reinforce my confidence which will be invaluable in my career and personal life.

Gill introduced different techniques and models into the sessions which I was able to refer back to and use day to day. The sessions helped me reflect on and challenge learned behaviours, and made me more confident in my own abilities, and in managing difficult situations. I have since been successful in obtaining a more senior role, and drawing on what I learned through Gill's sessions contributed to this success.

Corporate training & consultancy

Helping successful, busy, stressed leaders find the resilience & skills needed to make changes that stick

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably a senior leader or you work in training or HR. Whatever your role, you might be noticing some of the following within your own business;

  • The level of pressure and stress is building within your management team
  • A dip in staff retention and an increase in recruitment
  • Growing pains within your organisations, as people struggle to adapt to new ways of working
  • Resistance and push back to change, and people not getting on board with the changes you are working to make
  • A sense of dissatisfaction in your people, who feel that “my boss doesn’t listen to me” or “the business expects so much and doesn’t give me the support I need”, resulting in low levels of morale.

Perhaps you and / or your management team are feeling;

  • Punch drunk with the scale and pace of change and feeling a sense of fatigue and despondency about their ability to control and influence change in their teams
  • Frustrated that they don’t have the time to support people in their teams
  • as they don’t see that they have a role to foster and support the personal / professional development of their team members
  • Under pressure to such an extent that they are reluctant to delegate, as there is a fear of failure or lack of trust
  • So overworked that they have lost sight of their purpose as a ‘leader’, and are feeling that they don’t know how to change things for the better.

Let me help you build your coaching culture, and the skill set that your management team need to overcome these challenges.

I will work with you closely to develop a carefully designed program that will build the skills that your leaders need to engage their team and drive change that sticks.

Let me help your leaders to work with others in a more powerful, engaging way. Get in touch so that we can have a deeper discussion about what is important to your organisation and the specific needs that your people have.

Design on application

Executive coaching for yourself of your key leaders

I work with senior leaders to help them gain clarity on what is holding them back and build confidence in their ability to take action and find new, more effective routes through the challenges that they are facing.

Working with senior leaders on a one to one, I can help people to;

  • Be open and honest about how they think and feel, without judgment so that we can get to the root of what is holding them back
  • Get out of overwhelm and back in control of what is important
  • Deal with times of change and uncertainty with confidence, and resilience
  • To challenge current thinking and change ingrained patterns that are keeping them stuck
  • Take steps and actions that help them to move forward and overcome the obstacles that are keeping them stuck.

Executive coaching package

  • An initial discovery and scoping meeting, with all key stakeholders to establish goals, outcomes and measures of success. By the end of this we will have clarity about what you, the organisation and your key stakeholders want to achieve from our work together.
  • Six, 90 minute sessions over a 6 month period ideally. We can agree a schedule to suit your needs and diary commitments
  • A final one hour session where we create your what next’ plan so that you have clarity on how you will keep up the momentum, and most importantly how you can build on the progress that you have already made.