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I know that sounds like a huge claim and I don’t make it lightly, but the more I’ve worked in the field of personal development as a coach and trainee therapist, the more I keep coming back to one key … Continue reading

Sweet 16, again!

  • 15 August 2016

I’ve been on LinkedIn for a few years now – and love how it helps me as a small business, to keep in contact with new and prospective clients and what’s happening in my field. I also use it to … Continue reading

In the last few weeks I’ve worked with a number of groups and we have had some interesting and thought provoking discussions about “how to handle underperformance conversations.” What has struck me about all of these discussions is not that … Continue reading

The problem with change

  • 12 February 2014

I don’t know about you, but there are times in my life when, even with the best of intentions I don’t make the changes that I know I need to make. And I don’t think I’m alone in that! I … Continue reading

Strategic thinking – what is it all about? When I’m talking to senior business leaders about developing their middle level managers, one of the areas that are often cited as lacking is that of “strategic thinking.” Often it’s not clear … Continue reading

In recent months, working with a range of coaching clients, I have been amazed at how much people can resolve for themselves given the time to think and be listened to. Listening without judgment and with empathy really helps people … Continue reading

  • 15 June 2013

Senior leaders rarely get an opportunity to think about their personal development let alone get time to focus on how they can improve their leadership style. If you’re a senior leader I can help you to find ways of leading … Continue reading

Developing Teams

  • 7 May 2013

I’ve recently been working with a couple of managers who have been focusing on developing their teams, building engagement and leveraging the exceptional performance that is needed to ensure that the team and the organisation achieves its objectives. Many studies … Continue reading