Thanks for taking the time to drop onto my webpage.

I work with private and corporate clients and offer a range of training consultancy, coaching and counselling services;

  • In the corporate sector I help busy, stressed leaders develop the capabilities, skills and resilience to drive changes that stick
  • With private clients I help people make sense of what is holding them back; supporting them to develop the confidence to explore new ways through the challenges that they face
  • With new and established coaches, I help them to deepen their practice and find different ways of enhancing their own coaching practice.

Over the years, with my clients I have been able to;

  • Help managers and leaders develop the skills they need to create teams that are engaged, interested and achieve great results
  • Work with a range of private coaching and counselling clients, helping them gain fresh insights and make the changes that they want, in either their work or personal life
  • Help people feel more confident about themselves and their ability to do something about whatever it is that is getting in the way.

Please feel free to drop me a line gill@gillparkin.com or give me a call on (+44) 7779  367095.

Let’s have an initial chat about what you’re looking for, so that you can start to find more effective routes through the challenges that you’re facing ASAP!